Illise Montoya is a fantasy author, ukulele player, aspiring programmer, cartoon connoisseur, anime viewer, D&D lover, video game enthusiast, bisexual, and mother of four (two kids, a cat, and a dog). She specializes in fantasy and horror stories with a strong element of romance.

Since the age of seven, she’s been lovingly crafting tales to share with others. It wasn’t until she was twelve that she resolved to someday become a published author, bringing with her all her love for games, comics, books, and film.

In 2008 she began writing the Eikasia series, and very soon began publishing it on Blogspot. Her original intention was for the project to serve as an exercise to discipline herself in the pursuit of creative goals.

Upon completing the first story arc (later compiled into the eBook, Tributaries) she purchased her own domain and switched hosting to FatCow. She would publish her work on this site for several years until 2020, when she would pick up stakes yet again and move to the (hopefully) permanent EikasiaNovel.com.

She has a Creative Writing Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Full Sail University. Please ask her about My Little Pony, Ducktales, and Raspberry Pi. She will tell you all the things.

Illise Montoya

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  • Akumu Love Panic! – ALP is a horror-romance series inspired by Japanese Anime and extreme Asian cinema. The series follows the struggles of Amaya Alastor, an American trying to adapt to Japanese life, all while fending off insane and murderous spirits. [One story arc is completed. Unsure if I’ll continue the series given its problematic subject matter. May reboot and start from scratch.]
  • Kliff’s Edge – Kliff’s Edge is a paranormal mystery series about May Kliff, a freelancer who specializes in solving unusual cases. Together with her brother Max, she takes on challenges most fail to even comprehend. [Started as a school project. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish this.]
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  • My DeviantArt – Like some of my art? Curious to see more? Go ahead and check out my DevArt page. It’s a bit inactive nowadays (I’m writing more than drawing) but now and again I upload something new that isn’t Eikasia related (or is it?) [Has not been updated in ages as I don’t draw nearly as much anymore.]
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  • My AO3 Profile – If I ever post non-pony related fanfiction, it’ll be here… (for now, it’s still just pony, though).
  • My Other Twitter Account – It’s more personal here! Expect lots of ponies, Raspberry Pi, and general life talk. Politics also a definite possibility.

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